Monday, January 29, 2007

Classic Greek Swords

The Greek Hoplite was a tough, effective citizen-soldier, and was ferocious in defense of his home city. While the Hoplite would fight fiercely amongst themselves, they were even more fierce in the fight against invaders, such as the Persians. Spear and shield were the principal classic Hoplite weapons, but swords were also carried, and when the spears were broken, the Hoplite sword came out. Classic Hoplite Sword
The Hoplite sword had the leaf shaped blade that was quite popular throughout the ancient world and is based on many illustrations and excavated sword examples. Sword guard and pommel are made of steel with the sword grip of wood covered with leather. This battle ready sword is high carbon steel with a leaf shaped blade capable of keeping an edge. Scabbard is wood covered with leather. One of the finest of the ancient world's, battle ready classic Hoplite weapons.
Classic Officer Hoplite Sword
The sword which was used by the officers (lochagoi) of the famous Spartan infantry for close combat at battles like Thermopylae and Plataies.
Phalanx Sword
The short sword was ideal for close combat and extemely lethal in the hands of the trained Spartans.


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