Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Martial Arts Tournament in Canberra

Adam McFallan demonstrates the routine he performed in the state championships in Canberra and won third place for.

3 representatives from Batemans Bay Sholyn Wushu School travelled to Canberra to compete in a martial arts tournament that was regarded as above their class.

Two of the three participants, Tim Bennett and Adam McFallan, walked away with second places and two thirds.

Bennett secured a second place in the State championships for points sparring, only to back it up a minute later to secure a second place in the continuous sparring section.

Adam McFallan, with less then ten hours of formal training with his sword, gave an entertaining demonstration of traditional and freestyle swordsmanship to secure a well-deserved third place. The sword skill is usually developed over several months.

He also secured a third placing in the males 15 to 17 continuous sparring event.

Seventeen year old McFallan said the atmosphere of the event was tense but competitive. He has been training in Sholyn for almost two years and has plans for the direction of his training.

“I want to continue with it and try and get first place,” he said.

“When came I wanted to start my own dojo. Now I’m an apprentice instructor.”

The third competitor from the Bay, Karl Niehus, was given no choice but to withdraw from the open black belt division as a result of a severe lower back muscular injury.

Medical advice by the tournament’s safety officer Sifu Ian Givney ordered Karl’s withdrawal from the tournament.

The group’s success has led them to be invited to the national championships on the Gold Coast but they are facing a dilemma, according to sensei Ian Gibney.

“Due to a lack of finances we can’t make it to the nationals on the Gold Coast,” he said.

“It’s a shame they can’t expand their growth. We’ve got the track record and the credibility to do it.”

The group will continue to train for local based events and will be demonstrating their skills at the upcoming dragon boat festival in Moruya this weekend.

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