Thursday, April 2, 2009

Product Reviews: Double Edge Naginata 62" Japanese Yari Samurai Sword

Double Edge Naginata 62" Japanese Yari Samurai Sword, ASIN B000E39UY0

The blade of the naginata is HQCS carbon steel, double sharpened on each side with an extended bloodline down the center. The sheath of the blade is wooden with a black finish and a dragon engraved on each side. The scabbard throat is a steel fitting painted golden with a cherry blossom cast on each side. The shaft of the naginata is black coated wood with three steel fittings along its length. The shaft separates 1/4 of the way down allowing the naginata to become a sword.

not the best quality I've ever seen

it looks great but couldn't really be used for anything other than display. Like it was mentioned in other reviews the guard was off center, but the big issue i had with it was the quality. While the blade is nice looking and is actually straight (unlike some other things i have bought) it is connected so poorly to the shaft that i can spin the blade and not the shaft.some of the finish pieces were only connected by a little bit of glue, and the the whole shaft wobbles in the middle where it is screwed together. All this being said, paying 25 bucks for it is not too bad i didn't expect a masterwork, but with the quality i received there is no way this would be worth 150. Buy it if you think it would look cool and just want to hang it, but every time i pick it up and it wobbles I'm a bit disappointed.


Not Bad

Again the scabbard was off and the blade was dirty you have to polish and clean it yourself not too hard...but other than that very nice starter sword...uhhh...has a lot of potential to be sharpened the staff is nice would be better if it was hollow...but yah it wasn't too bad


4 stars

OK well we'll do good news first. It arrived on time, last second but still on time. It has a pretty good feel to it, though I little heavier then I thought. Everything on it looked nice aside from the guard is slightly off center though it's not a huge deal, it's hard to even notice unless you're really looking for it and I had not seen a comment about it in the reviews before I got...
Now for the bad news, which isn't terrible it side things I wasn't happy about with the packing of it. First place the fact that it really wasn't packed at all there was nothing in the box but the piece wrapped in a plastic bag. There was nothing keeping it from getting damaged if something ad hit the box hard enough, no packing peanuts, no bubble wrap nothing, which make me second guess ordering anything from them again in the event that something could easily damage whatever it is you order from them. The second issue I had with it which can be fixed but is a lot of trouble to do so is that the sheath was so freaking tight on the blade it took me and some else 30 mins of pulling at the same time on opposite ends to get the blade out, and it wasn't that it had simple just get/n stuck during shipping or something I had just as much trouble putting it back in later.


Not great but not bad either.

Alright, so this is easily one of the last places I would look to buy weapons online. Just recently found some awesome deals though, this is definitely a deal for the price it comes at. Good balance, fast shipping and decent carvings. Problem is, it falls short
The deco rational parts, such as the joint guards (small metal rings around the base covering the joints, with a small symbol embossed on it.) fell off as I took the naginata out of the package. With a little glue, you can easily fix this problem, but you shouldn't be hav
The next problem would be the guard at the base of the blade. It doesn't even line up with the shaft, it was off center and off cut, sticking out to one side by at least an inch in excess. This left the naginata blade seem off center and imperfect. This isn't a problem you can fix, this was probably the biggest disappointment; poor craftsmanship. However, besides that flaw, it doesn't take away from the fact
Overall it's not horrible, but don't purchase this if you expect a top of the line replica. It's sub par even in that sense. Not a bad addition however, if you want an obscure display piece.